Natwest CEO to pull a ‘Nadine Dorries’ by publicly resigning with immediate effect then staying in her job indefinitely

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Natwest CEO Dame Alison Rose has resigned from her position with immediate effect, claiming she plans to follow the Nadine Dorries example by staying in the job until she gets bored.

Rose resigned after it emerged she broke client confidentiality by talking about Nigel Farage to a BBC reporter, despite Farage himself discussing it publicly.

Rose told reporters, “Like Nadine, I’m getting paid a very pretty penny for doing my job, so I think it’s easier all round if I resign and then just keep it.

“Yes, I know I publicly announced I was resigning with immediate effect, but ‘immediate’ is such an ambiguous term. In the context of astronomical time and the universe’s unrelenting expanse into the void, my staying in this post for a few more years is the mere blink of an eye. So it will be kind of immediate.

“I know some people will complain and insist that an immediate resignation should mean immediately leaving the job, but I would disagree. It can also mean getting paid for the job and not really doing very much at all.

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“If it’s good enough for Nadine, then it’s good enough for me.”

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