Fixing the scourge of wealthy people being denied access to the exclusive bank of the uber-wealthy will cement my legacy as a ‘man of the people’

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Nigel Farage has today insisted this his relentless fight to ensure that very wealthy people are free to enjoy the same banking benefits as the uber-wealthy, will be the achievement that finally secures his legacy as an anti-establishment ‘man of the people’.

Farage, who was dropped by Coutts after he paid off his mortgage and no longer qualified to be a client of the exclusive private bank, has successfully forced the issue into the media because he doesn’t like being called names in documents that would never have seen the light of day if he hadn’t released them publicly.

“Fighting for the little people is how I made my name in politics,” insisted Farage, to just about any reporter willing to give him airtime.

“And people don’t come much smaller than middle-aged men who have successfully paid off million-pound mortgages. We are the real victims in today’s society, as I have so ably demonstrated in the last couple of weeks.

“I will not rest until everyone involved in dropping me from Coutts has been publicly shamed and left unemployed.

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“I don’t care that I didn’t qualify for a Coutts account once my mortgage was paid off; all I care about is that they weren’t willing to bend their rules to keep me as a client because they think I’m a twat.

“I am not just a twat. I am a twat who deserves special treatment. They should have bent their rules for me.

“When I eventually get them to reinstate my Coutts account – which we all know is coming – it will be a victory for every blue-collar worker in the country, each of whom will be able to sleep more soundly at night knowing that the very wealthy are no longer looked down upon by the uber-wealthy.

“And they will thank me for my efforts.”

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