Man who said “I’m happy to be proven wrong” really not that happy when proven wrong

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A man who has spent time on social media explaining that his positions are always evidence based and that he is happy to be proven wrong by new evidence, has demonstrated he is most definitely not happy when he is proven wrong.

Simon Williams, 35, has spent the best part of a week insisting that Nigel Farage’s bank account was closed by ‘woke bankers’ who ‘hate free speech’, and that Coutts had apologised for closing his account, despite the apology only being for the language used in the internal review of his account.

“It’s all there in the Subject Access Request and the letter from Coutts themselves,” insisted Williams in a social media post where he smugly insisted he was right.

“And the BBC have apologised for lying about him, too,” he added, incorrectly.

“He clearly hasn’t read either the Subject Access Request or the apologies,” insisted friend Gary.

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“The Subject Access Request alone is 40 pages, and I don’t think he’s read anything that long since the 2019 Christmas Radio Times.

“If he’d read it, he’d realise that, yes, Coutts staff clearly think Nigel is a twat and a liability to their brand – and who can blame them for thinking that. But he would also have learned that Nigel no longer qualified for an account once his mortgage was settled, which happened in March this year.

“Both of those statements are true. Believing the first one doesn’t make the second one irrelevant. If Nigel still had a mortgage with them, he’d still be a Coutts customer. If he had a couple of million to deposit with them, he’d still be a Coutts customer.

“Yes, there are also plenty of customers of Coutts who have neither an active mortgage or a large investment with them, and Coutts has chosen to bend it’s own rules to keep them – as they are allowed to do.

“What Nigel is actually upset about is people calling him names, like the giant snowflake he is, and the fact that Coutts wouldn’t bend its rules to keep him as a customer once his mortgage was paid off.

“He didn’t have his account closed because they don’t like him, they were allowed to close his account once his mortgage was paid off and they chose not to bend their rules to keep him – because they don’t like him.

“As Simon likes to say, it’s all there in black and white.”

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