Cynical virtue-signalling bastard does nice thing in full view of other people

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Libtard virtue-signaller Simon Williams cynically held open the door for the woman behind him purely to show how virtuous he is, according to reports this afternoon.

Williams, who works in accounts, held the door open at the end of his office’s open plan section a for a woman walking behind him, even though it would have been much easier to let it close on her and get on with his day.

“Oooh, look at him, all virtuous and trying to show the world what a good person he is,” laughed colleague Alex Watson who works in IT.

“I’m sick of these virtue signallers doing nice things just so we all think they’re nice people – it’s so cynical. Why not just behave like me and not give a shit about anyone but yourself – you’ll be so much happier, trust me.

“Society is weaker because of cucks like Simon.”

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Witnesses to the incident claim that despite Alex’s accusations of it being a conspiratorial act designed to make Simon look popular amongst his colleagues, it actually just looked like someone holding the door open for someone else.

Simon told us, “I’m sorry, was anyone even watching? I did it without really thinking.

“Honestly, I didn’t realise it was now considered a bad thing to go about your day trying not to be a c*nt.”