Nurse at food bank just desperately worried about banking arrangements of wealthy ex-politician

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A nurse at a food bank has expressed her worry and concern about the banking arrangements of a wealthy ex-politician.

“It must be awful for him. I mean, I can’t imagine,” explained Eleanor Gay, a nurse who’d managed to pick up some own-brand Frosties for her sons and several tins of mulligatawny from a food bank before it closed.

“One day, you’ve got all your money in one bank, and then, all of a sudden, that bank asks you to move everything to a slightly different banking brand within the same company.

“I mean, I couldn’t get the appalling injustice of it out of my head as I worked through my eleven-hour shift today.”

Ms Gay singled out the media for praise.

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She went on, “I mean, they’ve done a wonderful job, the newspapers and TV, a really wonderful job. All of them, and all the commentators on Twitter. They’ve all been brilliant, spending every day this week highlighting this terrible wrong and campaigning on this poor man’s behalf.

“I genuinely can’t think of a more dreadful injustice being perpetrated in this country than this man being asked to move his account to a different brand of a bank withing the same banking group.

“He’s a hero, the media are heroes, and I’m tempted to wake up the kids when I get in to tell them. But I won’t, I’ll wait till my day off in ten days’ time when I get to see them again.”