Man who insists Christians shouldn’t have to serve gay people outraged that banks don’t want to serve twats

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A man who has regularly defended the right of Christian business owners to pick and choose who they decide to serve has been left outraged after a bank said it would rather not deal with twats.

Derek Williams, 62, has long believed that Christian business owners are being persecuted by demands that they provide services to “homosexuals and other deviants”.

“It’s just not right,” explained Williams.

“If I’m a good Christian, then I don’t see why I should have to bake a cake for a gay wedding. It’s religious persecution to make me serve a customer that I think is a sick pervert – and the government has no place telling me who I should or shouldn’t have as a customer.”

However, Williams went on to explain that it’s very different for banks.

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“I don’t see why a bank should get to refuse to serve a customer just because they think he’s a twat. It’s political persecution not to provide services to someone you think is a total arse and is bad for your business. The government needs to get involved by telling these businesses who they should have as a customer.”

Derek’s nephew, Simon, told us, “Uncles Derek is a bit of a twat, sorry. Fortunately, Nationwide hasn’t discovered that yet.

“Anyway, religion is a protected characteristic; but being a twat, is not, which is why it’s perfectly fine for a bank to decide it doesn’t want a twat as a customer.”

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