Doctor’s strike results in Daleks conquering the universe

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A 48-hour walkout by senior Doctors has resulted in the Daleks conquering the universe, it has been confirmed.

The strike began this morning due to a dispute over pay, with Time Lords insisting that the totality of time and space constituted a fair and reasonable contract.

The industrial action led to unforeseen consequences after Davros escaped from The Crucible and destroyed all other life in the galaxy.

“I don’t think anyone could have predicted that Davros and his legions would escape and ravage every planet in an entire galactic cluster,” said Rassilon, Lord High President of Gallifrey.

“Just because he does it every single year like clockwork is no reason to suspect it might happen again.”

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Speaking from beneath a desk as explosions racked The Citadel, Rassilon went on to blame Doctors for selfishly withdrawing their essential public service at a time of critical need.

However, Doctors said they had no choice after Time Lords refused to pay them more for working extra Planck units of overtime.

“We want an extra Svedberg unit of holiday every galactic year as well,” those on strike told us.

It is reported some Doctors defied the strike, with Colin Baker enduring shouts of ‘Scab’ and ‘Blackleg’ as he entered the Tardis to do his 4.3 million year shift, but he unsurprisingly failed to do anything useful.

Doctors usually serve a probationary period of 13-15 galactic years before qualifying for Time Lord status.

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