If global heatwaves and worldwide record temperatures are being caused by global warming why did I have to use an umbrella yesterday, asks moron

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Global warming is a hoax, and the fact that countries across the globe are experiencing record temperatures and unprecedented heatwaves is obviously countered by the fact I needed an umbrella yesterday, according to one climate sceptic.

Simon Williams, who prefers to get his climate science from failed actors, failed politicians and failed television presenters, insists news of record temperatures in various places around the world, all at the same time, is evidence of nothing except media scaremongering.

He told us, “Yesterday, I barely saw the sun here in Surrey, and I had to get an umbrella out for my trip to the supermarket, as it was pouring down. In JULY. How is that possible if global warming is real?

“Just because China had its hottest day ever this week, and Italy and Spain are seeing temperatures in the forties forcing people off the streets, and Death Valley in the Arizona desert is likely to break the record for the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth, doesn’t mean global warming is real – because it isn’t affecting me personally right at this minute.

“Everyone knows that good science is based on personal experience and not the observations of everything else going on around you.

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“It’s all a big hoax, like all the other things I continue to insist are hoaxes despite them claiming the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

“If you don’t believe me, I have a YouTube clip of a failed media personality who will be happy to explain it for you.”

Meanwhile, non-morons have insisted they no longer have the energy to continue explaining the difference between ‘climate’ and ‘weather’ to credulous simpletons who ‘do their research’ on YouTube.

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