Rapper uses new song to reveal he has had sex with some ladies

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A rapper has used his new record to describe how he has had sexual intercourse with several ladies.

Simon Williams is a rapper from Chicago, better known as Massive P. He has spoken of how the idea for his new song came about.

“Well, I was having sex with a lady, and I was thinking about how I’ve had sex with other, different ladies as well,” he said.

“And then I thought that if I told people that I’ve had sex with the ladies then they’d be ever so fascinated and also think that I was really impressive.

“Then I thought – well, instead of telling people about how I’ve had sex with some ladies, I could do a rap about it. So I did.”

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The song is also accompanied by a video that features Massive P and some ladies, who we are led to believe he has had sex with, or will imminently be having sex with.

“It’s brilliant, isn’t it? Because the ladies are all just going about in the bras and pants and doing dances and everything, and because I’m doing my rap about how I’ve had sex with some ladies, people might think that it was these ladies who I’ve had sex with.

“I wasn’t though, it was some different ladies.”

It is thought that Massive P intends to follow up his record about having sex with some ladies with a record about shooting his gun at some men, and then one about how he’s got quite a lot of money and a really nice house.

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