Thundering shit-gibbon with no discernible talent or insight posts tweet

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An absolute thundering shit-gibbon with no discernible talent or insight has posted another tweet, it emerged.

The tweet appears to be a faintly offensive comment on recent events that offers nothing remotely new or interesting to the debate surrounding the recent events but is just quite unpleasant.

The tweet is the latest in a series of unpleasant and yet also really quite stupid tweets that the man, thought to be a catastrophic bellend as well as a thundering shit-gibbon, has posted over the past year or so.

It is currently unknown if the man is stupid enough to believe the things he tweets or is cynical enough to realise that by tweeting vaguely unpleasant things it will mean that his tweets will most likely be shared by similarly unpleasant people and consequently give him some small sense of hollow satisfaction. What is currently known, however, is that the man is a weapons-grade prick.

Prior to sending tweets, the man had a job that he wasn’t really very good at, and it seems that sending boring, stupid and unpleasant tweets seems to be some sort of compensation for the inadequacy he would have felt by being not very good at his job.

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The man has a penis the size of an acorn, has never had a girlfriend, and has never, ever heard Marquee Moon.

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