“No one gets paid tens of thousands for a few minutes work unless they’re being exploited,” insist parents being paid tens of thousands to talk for a few minutes about Huw Edwards

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Huw Edwards paying tens of thousands of pounds to our son for just a few minutes of his time must be indicative of something more sinister,” according to parents allegedly being paid tens of thousands of pounds for a few minutes of their time by TalkTV.

News is emerging that the parents of the person at the centre of the Huw Edwards furore have decided the only way to draw attention to the immoral nature of their child’s commercial relationship with Edwards is to secure their own commercial relationship with the flagging gossip channel owned by the same people as The Sun.

A spokesperson for the family told us, “The parents believe that no one legitimately earns tens of thousands of pounds for a few minutes work, unless they are being exploited, or doing something illegal.

“And that’s a point they will make in their exclusive TalkTV interview, for which they are being paid tens of thousands of pounds, and which will only take them a few minutes.

“No, this is very different. There are some people online who make a fortune from prostituting themselves with photos of their dirty laundry – and that is disgusting.

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“But there is absolutely nothing wrong with prostituting yourself out to the highest-bidding tabloid TV channel in order to air your dirty laundry in public.

“No there isn’t, shut up!”

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