Kevin Spacey spotted calmly leaving court building holding his left hand and walking with a limp

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Kevin Spacey has been spotted calmly walking out of court it is revealed today holding his left hand and walking with a significant limp.

The Hollywood actor, currently standing trial for allegations of sexual assault, decided to leave court earlier and limp along the pavement before getting into a car never to be seen again.

Witness Simon Williams told us, “I just saw this guy walk right out of the front of the court building calm as you like.

“And he had this strange limp, and was meekly clutching his left hand, so there’s no way he could have been a criminal, or on trial for anything.

“He just carried on walking and then stopped to light a cigarette, before getting into a car.

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“Well, it was a taxi actually, and he looked remarkably like Kevin Spacey if I’m honest.

“I think he was trying to slope off and disappear to avoid the possibility of jail.  I doubt anyone will ever see him again, he’s played an absolute blinder!”

Asked if he spotted which direction the taxi went, we were told, “It’s still stuck in traffic over there look, go and ask him.”