The Sun to confound its critics by acting with kindness and compassion towards a man who has broken no laws and is in the middle of a mental health crisis

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The wife of Huw Edwards has confirmed he is the BBC presenter at the centre of the current media storm, and that he is currently undergoing treatment for a mental health crisis, leading The Sun newspaper to confirm it will leave him well alone.

Sun Editor Victoria Newton told us, “We learned our lesson after Caroline Flack. Everyone at The Sun knows that hounding someone in the middle of a mental health crisis, when two police forces have said they have committed no crime, could lead to a tragic outcome.

“Which is why we’ll be moving on to something else in tomorrow’s newspaper. It’s the right thing to do. The nation’s lust for gossip at the expense of the health of innocent people will not be fed by us. Not this time.

“Just because we don’t like Huw’s employer, or what he chooses to do in his personal life, doesn’t give us the moral right to hound him into a mental health facility – and we are grateful to so many people for pointing that out.

“It would be hypocritical in the extreme for a newspaper that spent decades putting naked teenagers on its pages to hound a man for allegedly buying photos of someone legally allowed to sell them.

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“If there is further muck-raking to be done, it won’t be done by us. If Huw’s mental health is to be further impacted by this ongoing furore, then it won’t be our reporting that is responsible.

“We know we could sell a million newspapers tomorrow by digging up some private messages, or someone he was rude to in his private life, but we realise that would be nothing more than a morally reprehensible sideshow, and an entirely transparent attempt to undermine his employer at the behest of our owner.

“We’ll probably devote tomorrow’s front page to the cost of living crisis and how the government isn’t doing enough; it’s about time our readers were a little better informed about their own lives.

“I’m sure they’ll thank us for it.”

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