Second mortgages to jump by £500 for people buying Taylor Swift tickets

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Families who have taken out a second mortgage in order to purchase Taylor Swift tickets could see their repayments jump by up to £500 per month, it has been revealed today.

With interest rates hitting a record average 6.7% this week, fans hoping to purchase four tickets for the US singers Eras Tour could see their second mortgage repayments jump by almost £300 per month, or £500 if they purchased tickets a little bit nearer the front.

Father of two, Simon Williams, who needs to purchase four tickets, told us, “We got it over 25 years, to try to keep the payments down.

“We have decided to take our daughters to see Taylor Swift as a treat because they are big fans of hers, so we checked out the price of the average tickets.

“And then took the travel into consideration and maybe grabbing some food and a couple of drinks at the venue.

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“Obviously we have then had to take out a reasonably large second mortgage once we worked out the cost, and we applied for one right away.

“Unfortunately, the interest rates had gone up even further before we could get the mortgage agreed. And so it’s going to cost us about £420 more per month than we had originally planned.”

Asked where he and his family are sitting for the concert, we were told, “Block 257, Row X, seats 104-107.  I can’t wait.”