Nation left utterly flabbergasted that a story in The Sun might not have been entirely true

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Readers of The Sun newspaper have been left shocked that the publication might not be the bastion of truth they have always believed, after indications that its story about a BBC reporter might not be entirely true.

After lawyers representing the young person at the centre of the BBC presenter row issued a statement insisting the story in The Sun is false, and that they made that fact clear to them before publication, some readers are beginning to question the tabloid’s hitherto unquestionable integrity.

Reader Simon Williams told us, “I have always believed every word printed in The Sun newspaper; I mean, why wouldn’t you belive them? It’s always been a motto of mine to believe people until such time as they prove themselves to be untrustworthy – which The Sun hasn’t, of course.

“What possible incentive does The Sun have to make stuff up if it’s only going to antagonise credulous simpletons? If it draws lots of eyeballs to their web pages, so what? How do they benefit?

“Do you really believe they would sacrifice their well-respected journalistic integrity for a few measly eyeballs and newspaper sales? Or to merely degrade the reputation of a rival news provider? How shallow do you think they are?

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“I simply refuse believe that The Sun newspaper would print something it did not believe, and for which it did not have unimpeachable evidence.

“Hillsborough? Never heard of it, mate.”