Tabloid that paid a 16-year-old girl to quit school and pose for topless photos remains straight-faced while trying to expose BBC presenter who paid a 17-year-old for photos

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The Sun newspaper today remains entirely straightfaced, despite a long and distinguished career spent paying vast amounts of money to potentially vulnerable teenagers to take their clothes off and be photographed.

The Sun newspaper, which has somehow managed to position itself as the moral voice of the nation amongst its moronic readership, is calling for the BBC presenter to be named and shamed, despite doing much the same thing for decades.

Sub-editor at the ‘newspaper’, Simon Williams, told us, “This BBC presenter is an absolute disgrace, and the BBC as a whole is as guilty as he is for not doing more about it. Any organisation that condones buying explicit photos from teenagers who should still be in school deserves to go bust and see its executives in prison.

“Well, no. That’s different. When we did it with Sam Fox, it was so EVERYONE could perv over the breasts of a really hot 16-year-old girl. This bloke did it in private, which makes it MUCH worse.

“Yes it does. Shut up.”

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Meanwhile, non-morons have explained that it’s possible to think both acts are pretty despicable, even if neither of them initially appears to be technically illegal.

Derek Matthews told us, “Grown men paying teenagers for photos isn’t something I would personally condone, but then OnlyFans is a massive business for precisely this reason.

“However, The Sun getting on their high horse and becoming the morality police about it is a bit much. It’s like if Boris Johnson were to criticise someone else for leaving their wife and kids for a younger woman before f**king the entire nation into the ground.”