Office introduces new Adam Ant dress code

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An insurance company in Chelmsford has introduced a new office dress code that requires employees to dress up as eighties pop legend Adam Ant when attending the office.

“In this new post-pandemic, hybrid working culture, it seemed sensible to alter the office dress code accordingly,” said Gemma Lipton, head of HR at Gore and Gahan Insurance Ltd.

“Initially, we continued to demand a formal business-wear dress code, then we tried a casual dress code, then smart-casual, then beachwear, then light BDSM-wear, then 1920s Jazz age, then outfits inspired by 17th Century Court of Versailles, naval or nautical uniforms, animal costumes, and full-on nudity.

“Nothing really seemed appropriate.”

Gemma was at a loss, until she spotted an Adam Ant video on a nine-hour-long Channel 5 programme listing the top hundred thousand things that are better then than they are now.

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“I saw Adam Ant dressed up as a sexy highwayman for his Stand and Deliver video. It was perfect. It was smart but not too formal; it was practical if the weather turned and, of course, it looked wonderful.”

The company introduced the Adam Ant dress code several months ago, and it has proven very popular with staff.

“Oh, I love it,” said Bill Williams, a senior claims handler.

“At first, I was a bit concerned because I really wasn’t sure the dandy highwayman look was quite right for me. But I looked a bit more into Adam’s videos and found Jolly Roger and his whole pirate look, which really suits me. I love it. So much better than stuffy old suits.”

Despite the new dress code’s popularity, other companies are reluctant to try it.

“No, I don’t think Adam Ant’s for us,” said James Grant, from Harris and Dickensons, a nearby legal firm.

“Although, of course, we do have our monthly Culture Club Fridays.”

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