Man who claims it’s ridiculous for trans women to self-identify as ‘women’ perfectly happy for the Nazis to self-identify as ‘socialists’

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A man has today insisted that the Nazis were socialists, because it was their chosen name, despite insisting that self-identification is a ‘cancer on society’.

Derek Matthews, 55, is a staunch believer that pronouns are the work of the devil, and you can’t change who you are just by changing your title. He does however believe that the Nazis were socialists because they put the word socialist in their full title, which is “National Socialist German Workers’ Party”.

Derek told us, “You can’t become a woman just by changing your name to Dierdre and then changing everything about how you life your life. It’s a joke. If you’re a man, you’re a man.

“But yes, the Nazis were socialists. It says right there in the name. I don’t care that their entire system of government was against socialist ideals, I still believe it. I don’t care if you point to Sweden or Norway as examples of modern socialist governments; I will still use a completely inaccurate eighty-year-old organisation as the true definition of socialism.”

However, non-morons have reacted with a rather large sigh.

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One such non-moron, Simon Williams, told us, “It really isn’t complicated, and anyone arguing that the reverse is therefore also true – i.e that if Nazis aren’t socialists then transwomen aren’t women – hasn’t really thought about it. It doesn’t really matter what you call yourself; your behaviour is what defines you. And if you’re living your entire life as a woman, then I don’t have any real issue with you calling yourself a woman.

“But if you’re clinging to fascistic ideals, imprisoning people who disagree with you, and launching wave after wave of attacks on the people around you, then it’s a bit of a stretch to claim you’re a socialist. The Nazis were no more socialist than North Korea is democratic simply because it’s called the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.”

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