‘Trust the process – billionaires buying social networks always works out brilliantly’ insists former MySpace owner Rupert Murdoch

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Rupert Murdoch has praised Elon Musk’s ongoing management of Twitter, insisting billionaires buying social networks always leads to positive outcomes.

Murdoch, who spent $580m on MySpace before selling the shadow of its former self for $35m six years later, claims Musk’s purchase will prove once again that existing billionaires dabbling in social networks is something the world should readily embrace.

He went on, “Sure, right now people will think it’s all going horribly wrong at Twitter, but in a few short years, $44bn will look like an incredible deal – mainly for the people who sold Twitter to Elon.

“I’ve been there, trust me; you buy what you think is the platform that will put you into the hands of every Internet user on the planet, only to find out they all liked it specifically because it wasn’t owned by you.

“Still, it’s nice to enjoy this bit where it’s still moderately popular and hasn’t all gone completely to shit. That part is coming though, obviously. So enjoy it, Elon.”

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Many Twitter users who spend their days replying with effusive praise to every single one of Elon Musk’s tweets have insisted that the platform is exactly how they dreamed it would be, claiming that Elon continues to deliver on promise after promise.

Twitterer Simon Williams told us, “He has made SO many great changes, like letting my voice be extra loud for $8 a month.

“It has definitely ensured every Twitter account is real, and now advertisers can rely on the fact that every user on the platform is as authentic as Elon’s hairline.”