Man takes woman’s wearing headphones and reading book as definite sign she wants to chat

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A man has attempted to engage a woman in conversation after taking her wearing big headphones and reading a book as a sign she wants to chat.

“Good book?” He asked, using his uncanny empathy to understand that a woman opening a book is an invitation to discuss the book rather than a desire to read the book.

The woman smiled politely and continued to read.

“I said – good book?” continued the man, determined not to let the woman’s natural shyness prevent her from enjoying a stimulating conversation with him.

“I’m sorry,” said the woman, gesturing to her headphones.

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“Can’t hear.”

“What are you listening to?” asked the man, understanding that she would actually prefer to discuss music than books which, being an easy-going kind of man, he was quite happy to go along with.

Sighing, the woman slipped off her headphones.

“It’s just some classical music,” she smiled, wearily.

“Ah, classical music. Big fan. Did you know that Mozart wrote the overture to Don Giovanni whilst hungover?” said the man, pleased to be able to help with the woman’s classical music education.

“It’s not Mozart,” said the woman, before excusing herself and leaving.

Undeterred, the man sees two other women locked in intense conversation and, noticing one burst into tears, decides to engage them in friendly conversation to try and cheer her up.

“Sad, is she?”

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