Ant and Dec reboot to be called e-Scooter Grove

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Ant and Dec have announced plans to reboot the much-loved teen drama Byker Grove, but with e-Scooters and kids just sat around vaping.

With news yesterday that the nineties hit is set to make a return, further news has now emerged that the drama will actually be renamed e-Scooter Grove because kids don’t play on bikes any more, or indeed do anything much at all.

Speaking earlier, Ant or Dec told us, “We can’t wait.

“We have decided to reboot Byker Grove.  Although it may have to be slightly different, seeing as though kids don’t play out on their bikes any more. Ever.

“It might have to be called something about e-scooters, or vaping, or playing on your PS5 on your own in your room with a headset on.

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“Something like that.

“But there is still going to be lots of drama following a bunch of teenagers through some pretty gritty adventures and learning how they deal with life in 2023.

“By looking at their phones for up to nine hours a day watching countless shite reels of people talking at them.

“Or sending each other Snapchat pictures or liking stuff on Tiktok.

“It’s going to be amazing.”

Asked if he will personally be making an appearance in the new drama, Declan Donnelly told us, “I’m Ant, that’s Dec. F**k me – how many years?”

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