Why do banks that are legally required to perform extra checks on the finances of politicians keep asking me about my finances, demand idiot politicians

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An idiot who wants to be an MP has decided that the system is rigged against him, and that he is being persecuted because the banks insist on following the rules for checking the finances of politically exposed persons.

According to The Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds Regulations 2017, anyone who wants to be an MP is subject to further checks by their financial institutions to ensure that our elected officials in positions of power are not compromised financially.

However, some candidates have decided that being asked extra questions about their finances and their sources of income amounts to an affront to democracy.

One such moron who is standing in the Uxbridge by-election told us, “Why now? Why have they SUDDENLY taken an interest in my personal finances? Is it because I’m trying to shake up the establishment elite and to bring forth the will of the people? Of course it is!

“This thinly-veiled facade of ‘making sure we don’t have compromised people in parliament’ is nothing more than the establishment punishing people who hold opinions they don’t like.

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“If I want to be funded by a shadowy cabal of international businesspeople who want to use me as their political pawn when I’m in Westminster, then I should be ALLOWED to do that – it’s what democracy is all about!

“I’m not saying I am, I am saying I should be allowed to be if I WANT. Anyway, I moved away from my bank before they could ask me any questions I might not want to answer.”

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