Nigel Farage spotted begging with ‘need money to rejoin Coutts’ sign

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Nigel Farage has taken to the streets in order to find the money required to rejoin the exclusive bank of the rich, Coutts.

After it was confirmed that his account was closed due to him no longer having sufficient funds for the exclusive bank, Farage began begging in the hope his supporters would once again elevate his balance above the multi-million-pound threshold required.

Farage supporter Simon Williams told us, “I can’t believe the establishment elite have gone after Nigel simply because he’s not wealthy enough to bank with all the rich people like he always has done.

“I’ve always thought of Nigel as a man of the people, and it changes nothing to know that he was secretly a high-net-worth customer of the exclusive bank Coutts all along.

“In fact, it makes it worse now that the wokerati has taken all of his money off him. I mean, that’s what happened, right?

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“He’s Nigel Farage; you can’t expect him to bank in Natwest like the rest of us plebs!”

Non-moron Derek Matthews told us, “Is it a coincidence that Nigel Farage is suddenly not rich enough to be a Coutts customer, just a few short weeks after a change in legislation that requires banks to look more closely at the foreign sources of income for all politically exposed persons in the UK?

“Yes, I’m sure it’s a complete coincidence.”

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