Experts warn of health danger after heroin found to contain aspartame

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Health experts have today warned that the added aspartame in heroin could lead to a higher risk of cancer amongst the nation’s addicts.

Many consumer groups have been set up to help people avoid “hidden poisons”, and to get drug dealers to reduce the ingredient from their recipes over time.

The organisation believes a 100% reduction in the sugar substitute found in heroin could be achieved in just five years, ensuring a healthier nation and a brighter future for our addicted children.

Campaign spokesperson Simon Williams explained, “Aspartame is poisoning our children every single day, and the sooner people realise it, the better.

“Drug dealers are willfully sneaking it into their recipes without any formal controls whatsoever.

“We just want people to be aware of the facts about aspartame, and to realise that just because you melted the heroin on a spoon yourself doesn’t mean the drug dealer didn’t pad it out with added sugar substitute first.

“You know, for the taste. Heroin is pretty bland on its own.”

Addicts have reacted with shock at the aspartame revelations, insisting that they will endeavour to check the labels on the small cellophane wraps more carefully in future.

Junky Stella Matthews told us, “I’ve added a few pounds recently, and my teeth are falling out, so I was beginning to wonder why, but this makes perfect sense now.

“I just can’t get enough of that delicious sugary-tasting heroin. I’m guessing the aspartame is why it’s so mooreish?”