Woman disappoints another birthday recipient with homemade gift

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A woman has made a birthday gift by hand. Again.

Elizabeth King, 32, makes her own pots, knits scarves and paints pictures instead of just going to a shop and buying something like a non-freak.

“It’s just so much more personal,” explained Elizabeth.

“Like Simon, I know is a classy guy, so I’ve moulded him an ashtray for when he’s smoking cigars and philosophising over a brandy, and I’ve carved his initials, ‘SJW’ into the base.”

Birthday boy Simon Williams, 30, said, “I don’t smoke, my middle name is Christopher, I’m a teetotaler, AND I hate thinking.

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“Other than that, f**king spot-on, love.

“I don’t mean to be ungrateful, but it does feel a bit like Elizabeth gives out this tat because she likes making it, rather than the idea that the recipient might like or even keep any of it.”

Another of Elizabeth’s friends, Jay Cooper, said, “Elizabeth fashioned me a walking cane for my birthday – I say ‘fashioned’; she bought an existing walking cane and glued a snowglobe to the top.

“It would have been a shit gift even if I wasn’t wheelchair-bound.”

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