‘These days you’re only allowed to have an opinion if it’s woke’, insists man who spends every single day freely expressing non-woke opinions

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You can’t say anything these days unless it’s woke, according to a man who spends about eight hours every day freely expressing opinions that could in no way be described as ‘woke’.

Simon Williams, 42, took to social media at the weekend to bemoan the fact that he can’t even suggest turning small boats back at gunpoint as further evidence that you can’t say anything these days “unless it’s woke”.

Williams told us, “This country has gone to the dogs; you can’t express an honestly held opinion any more unless it’s woke. They’ll put you in prison. Well, I will NOT be intimidated by the woke blob. I will continue my one-man campaign against the wokerati that has so far seen me experience literally zero consequences except for the mockery of my peers.

“If you don’t believe me when I tell you that you can’t say anything unless it’s woke, then you can read any of these many columns in major newspapers, which also explain that you can’t say anything unless it’s woke – while simultaneously espousing on a daily basis opinions that are in no way ‘woke’.

“That’s all the proof you should ever need.”

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Simon’s acquaintance Brian, told us, “This is typical of Simon; what he’s done is mistake ‘not being allowed to say something’ with ‘being widely mocked for saying that thing’. They are not the same. No one is going to prison for failing to adhere to a ‘woke’ opinion. Not that there even is such a thing as a woke opinion.

“Simon believes he’s being ‘cancelled’ because a few people in our group of acquaintances unfriended him on Facebook after he posted a lengthy update explaining why he believed that asylum seekers should be put to work in ‘some sort of camp’ to pay their way – even the kids.

“He got called a few names, but most of us just ignore him because we know he secretly loves the attention. But no, he’s not going to prison for thinking it.

“In Simon’s eyes, trying to act kindly to minorities and vulnerable groups makes you ‘woke’, and therefore trying to oppress him. Whereas calling for a ban on pride parades and publicly hoping small boats sink is just common sense and saying what everyone is really thinking.

“He is free to continue saying anything he likes, just as we’re free to continue laughing at him and believing he’s a twat.”

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