Brave man comes out as straight after witnessing Heterosexual Pride Day

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Brave 22-year-old Simon Williams come out as straight to his friends and family after witnessing the courage of those celebrating Heterosexual Pride Day.

Williams said he had been keeping it a secret for many years as he was concerned at the stigma facing heterosexuals in many sections of modern society.

“You hear about straight re-education camps where they use horrible techniques to stop you fancying the opposite sex, not to mention the threats of violence you still see on the streets just for holding hands with a woman – why would anyone want to come out as straight in those circumstances?”

However, he insisted that coming out now was the best thing he could have done.

He explained, “I’m pretty sure my family suspected something because I’d always be glancing at attractive women, or hesitating a bit too long when the catalogue opened at the lingerie section – but I honestly thought I’d been careful.

“The reaction of my family and my friends has been absolutely amazing, and everyone has been so supportive of my decision to come out as straight.

“What shocked me most was my dad’s reaction, as he’s quite old-fashioned, but he just said ‘what business is it of mine if you want to put your penis inside a vagina’ – I never realised that he is such an amazing man.”

Williams said he hoped the hashtag being used on social media would encourage other frightened heterosexuals to come forward into the light, free from the fear of persecution just because they are attracted to people of the opposite sex.