Man refused a mortgage by his bank insists he is being persecuted for his political beliefs

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Simon Williams has today taken to social media to insist the political establishment is trying to force him out of the UK by making sure the banks refuse to grant him a mortgage.

Williams, who is trying to buy an £800,000 house despite having only £15k in deposit and earning £35k a year, explained that there is no other possible explanation for his exclusion from the mortgage market than the fact he voted for Brexit and believes we should ‘send all the boats back’.

He told us, “The wokerati have their tentacles into EVERYTHING. Sure, the bank says ‘we have rules, and I’m afraid you don’t earn enough to qualify for a mortgage of that size’, but what they’re REALLY saying is ‘you aren’t woke enough for us mate!’.

“I bet if I went into their branch in a rainbow kaftan and asked for a million pounds to buy a house for illegal immigrants, they wouldn’t be able to write the cheque quick enough!

“It’s disgusting that someone’s political opinions can prevent them from securing a mortgage in a so-called democracy. The establishment elite is DETERMINED to maintain the status quo, and so they’re frightened of free-thinkers like me.

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“If you think this is bad, you wait until Labour get in!”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for one of the many banks approached by Mr Williams, told us, “*SIGH*. We’re banks, we care about one thing, and one thing only. Making money. If we can make money out of you, then you can be a customer. If we can’t, then you won’t be.

“We honestly don’t care if you’re the Dalai Lama or Oswald Mosely reincarnated, if we can make a few quid out of you, then you’re in.

“You’d have to be a moron to believe anything else.”