Dr Dre and Dr Fox to boost NHS staff numbers within weeks, insists government

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NHS doctor numbers are set to be increased dramatically within weeks it is revealed today with Dr Dre, Dr Fox and Dr Who all agreeing to work for the NHS.

With news emerging earlier of plans to train more doctors more quickly in England, further news has now emerged that a number of established doctors have also agreed to join the NHS in order to boost the workforce.

Announcing the news earlier, delighted Health Secretary Steve Barclay told us, “Dre will be a real asset, we can’t wait.

“We actually forgot about Dre, too, which is a bit embarrassing because everyone knows you don’t forget about Dre.

“And obviously getting Dr Fox and Dr Who on board as well will be great for the NHS and really help with the numbers.

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“These guys have been established doctors for many, many years, so we hope that they can hit the ground running and really put a dent in those waiting lists.”

Asked if he has plans for any other doctors to join the NHS in order to help meet their targets we were told, “Is Doc Marten a real person, or just a shoe?  Sod it we’ll have him anyway.”