Man fuming as skip on neighbour’s drive completely full before he could secretly use it himself

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A man has been left fuming today after a skip on his neighbour’s drive has been completely filled up by the person who paid for it before he managed to use it himself in secret.

Simon Williams, who only has a few things to get rid of, and doesn’t want to pay for a skip of his own, revealed his disappointment earlier after emerging from his house late at night holding an old ironing board and a small child’s bike.

Speaking earlier, he told us, “The selfish bastard, he’s filled it up himself already.

“I spotted that my neighbour had paid for a nice big skip a couple of days ago, which was placed on his drive.

“So I immediately started having a look round to see what junk I could get rid of, completely free of charge and throw it in his skip, after dark obviously.

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“I found an old mattress that we don’t need, and an ironing board, and two children’s bikes in the shed, along with some wood from the garden, so I started to take it all out.

“Then I saw that he had already filled the skip up completely with no room at all left for all of my shit, the selfish twat.  I think he’s having a new kitchen or something, but still.

“There wasn’t even room for the mattress, and I’d carried it all the way downstairs.”

Asked if would consider perhaps hiring a skip himself in order to get rid of his own rubbish, we were told, “F**k that, every other bastard round here will start throwing their stuff in it, I know what they’re like.”