Competitive Dad intensively training son in egg and spoon technique ahead of school sports day

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A father’s sense of worth depends entirely on his son destroying the competition in the all-important Year 2 egg and spoon race.

After a personally disappointing 2023, the school sports day is around the corner, and father Simon Williams has regained his sense of purpose.

“I can’t have a repeat of the Year 1 race last year,” he told us, ruefully.

“It was a total f**king debacle. My son Jake dropped his egg so many times that he had a complete meltdown and didn’t even finish the course.

“No son of mine will be a f**king DNF!

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“That’s why I’ve pulled him out of school this week – a little white lie about him having tonsilitis – in order to do some serious training in the garden ahead of the big day next Wednesday.

“My motivational technique is simple yet devastatingly effective – each time he drops the egg, he has to eat it. 

“And yes, they’re raw. If he has to down a gloopy mixture of yolk, grass and cat poo, then so much the better. He’ll soon learn.

“I want him to start dreaming about oological balancing. He must become one with the egg.

“I’ve given him a mantra – ‘There is no spoon’.”

Simon’s wife Karen isn’t really on board with this training regime.

“Jake’s only seven,” she said. “Simon doesn’t seem to realise that this egg and spoon business is just a bit of fun and that the only race people really care about is the mum’s sprint.

“Lauren, Jo, Gemma – you’re going down, bitches!”

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