Climate protesters block production of this article

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Climate protesters have dramatically halted production of this satirical article in protest against the continued lack of action to prevent climate change.

“I was just sat in front of my computer, just doing some pro-centrist propaganda feebly disguised as satire. Standard morning, really,” explained writer and centrist shill, Neil Tollfree.

“All of a sudden, Just Stop Oil charged in, threw a load of that weird yellow dust in my face, and now two of them are laid across my keyboard, and another one’s chained herself to my mouse.

“I mean, I don’t really feel threatened at all. But there’s no way I can do any work. It’s a shame because I was halfway through this really innovative satirical article that really twisted expectations of what you might expect from a satirical article.

“Then I was going to do one comparing Suella Braverman to Darth Vader.”

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The police have been unable to help.

“No, sorry. Nothing we can do. Freedom to protest. These lads are well within their rights. Besides, you lot keep calling us incompetent racists,” said Inspector Simon Williams from the M*t Police.

Tollfree remained philosophical about the situation.

“I suppose, in the grand scheme of things, the future of the planet is more important than this article, but it’s a real shame because I had a terrific idea for how to end it and now it just stops without any real resolution or punchline.”

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