Elton John reveals he is mostly ‘still sitting’ these days

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Elton John has revealed today that he is actually mostly still sitting these days, better than he ever did.

The music legend, famous for hits such I’m Still Standing revealed he is no longer standing, after plonking himself down on his couch and declaring that he won’t be doing much standing again any time soon, or indeed feeling like a little kid.

Speaking earlier, he declared, “I’m still sitting these days, to be honest.

“I’m absolutely knackered, and I’ve spent most of my bleeding life on my feet singing about still standing and now I just want to sit down. So I’m going to.

“So no, I’m not still standing anymore, after all this bleeding time, and it was a long time to be fair.

“I’m still sitting better than I ever did, and I intend to carry on sitting for the remainder of my life, thank you very much.

“I’m also not a Rocket Man anymore either, I’m just, you know a guy sitting down. On the sofa. Having a well-deserved rest. So leave me alone.”

Asked if he could maybe just do that bit on the piano where he stands up and plays with one hand whilst dancing, we were told. “No – f**k off.”