Man riveted by news of five millionaires in a sunken sub has already forgotten news of five-hundred missing refugees and a sunken boat

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A man glued to every single update of the missing Titanic sub and its five millionaire occupants has already forgotten about the missing boat off the Turkish coast, and its 500 missing refugees.

Simon Williams, who will read every single news update and every single social media theory about the missing submersible, said it was a story of adventure and potential human tragedy that was impossible to ignore.

He told us, “They only have a few hours of air left, I don’t know how anyone can think about anything other than what those five men are currently going through. It’s a tragedy unfolding before our very eyes.”

When asked if he could imagine what the five-hundred missing refugees, including women and children, went through as their boat sank beneath them last week, he added, “Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about that.

“But that was a few days ago now, and that story didn’t involve a PlayStation controller and some millionaires, so it’s easier to forget.

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“Did they ever find any of those 500 missing refugees? They didn’t? Oh, that’s a shame.

“Anyway, they’re down to 10 hours of oxygen now!”