Twitter emphasises its total commitment to free speech by banning words Elon Musk doesn’t like

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Twitter has decided that ‘CISGender’ is a slur, because Elon Musk doesn’t like it, once again reaffirming his total commitment to free speech.

The term CISGender refers to someone who has the same gender as they were assigned at birth, something Elon has decided is now offensive.

A Twitter spokesperson explained, “Elon began his commitment to free speech by ensuring the speech of people who pay him money is prioritised in your feed ahead of the people you have chosen to follow.

“As he said at the time, ‘all speech is equal, but some is more equal than others’.

“Those of us left at Twitter have now taken that to the next level by acting on his dictate to declare CISGender to be a slur. No, we can’t articulate WHY it’s a slur. It just is. We’ve found that the people who ask Elon to explain himself don’t last very long, so we decided not to bother.

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“I would just add that at the new Twitter, all words are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

Research has found that the only people offended by the use of CISGender, are those who don’t believe there should be anything OTHER than CISGender.

Researcher Simon Williams explained, “It’s like those D-List celebs being offended when a waiter asks their name, because they should KNOW IT ALREADY!

“They’re not offended by the term, but by the implication that you could ever mistake them for anyone who is different to them.”