Day 464: Emaciated Nadine Dorries remains chained to Buckingham Palace railings clutching ‘Give me Dameship’ sign

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Today marks day 464 of Nadine Dorries’ extraordinary campaign to highlight the terrible injustice of her not being given a peerage over a year ago.

Her one-woman campaign to highlight the grotesque unfairness she suffered in not being made a Dame began in July ’23. After failing to receive a satisfactory answer to why she wasn’t made a peer and facing the full weight of an uncaring British Government and public, she stepped up her fight by chaining herself to the railings of Buckingham Palace.

She has remained there ever since, clutching a sign saying ‘Give me Dameship’ that she made using materials from WH Smith that were listed on her last Parliamentary expenses claim.

Interviewed shortly after her protest began, a tearful Dorries said, “I’m not just doing this for me, I’m doing this for all former Culture Ministers who were denied their rightful peerages for turning up to work for a couple of years. Can you pass me my bucket please, I need a wee.”

She now cuts a sad sight. Her bucket is long gone, and she is clearly malnourished, forced to survive on the crusts of tourists’ Pret sandwiches and any passing pigeon that comes too close.

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She vows to fight on, though, in her noble battle to secure justice for Dorries.

It is understood that her old ally and boss, Boris Johnson, has yet to visit her. He apparently tried to send her a supportive text last Autumn, but it accidentally went to Jacob Rees-Mogg instead.