Title of “Andrew, the pizza-loving sex offender” finally passes to the next generation of high-profile deviant

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The title of ‘Andrew, the pizza-loving sex offender’ has finally passed from Prince Andrew to the next in line following the charges of rape and human trafficking against Andrew Tate in Romania.

Tate, a man who has repeatedly bragged about subjugating women and forcing them into adult streaming services, was charged with crimes related to subjugating women and forcing them to become webcam girls, all after eating a pizza for the entertainment of bedroom-dwelling incels everywhere.

There is said to be huge relief at the Palace that the phrase “Andrew, the pizza-loving sex offender” no longer immediately conjures up images of the eighth in line to the throne.

“Phew!” said Palace spokesperson Simon Williamson-Smythe.

“Honestly, we thought the Duke of York would take the idea of the name Andrew being synonymous with pizzas and noncing to his grave. We could not be more grateful to Mr Tate for stepping forward and claiming the title of the world’s number one ‘pizza-loving sex-offending Andrew’.

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“This has been a pretty rough year for the royal family, but it is quite nice to see us finally bouncing back.”

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