New Windrush anniversary 50p coin depicts policemen beating up black man

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A new 50p coin has been announced to honour the 75th year of the Windrush generation.

The coin will celebrate the experience of many of that generation, and their children, by showing a black man having the shit kicked out of him by a number of policemen.

“It’s a beautiful and stirring image,” said designer Simon Williams.

“The black man is shown lying on the floor, trying to cover his head while a policeman aims a booted foot down on him. There are two other policemen, one is laughing, also surrounding the man. Although, they’re not explicitly shown as Met policemen, I think the inference is clear.”

97-year-old David Smith, a veteran of the Empire Windrush, was moved to tears when he first saw the coin.

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“It’s a very beautiful thing,” he said.

“It immediately brought so many memories of that magical time. Arriving on that boat, moving into my accommodation, being beaten up by a gang of angry policemen who called me racist names and accused me of looking at a white woman.”

The coin will also be available in a special presentation pack that will show the timeline of racism and violence perpetrated against black people in England over the last 75 years across a picture of a bloodied black man being bundled into the back of a police vehicle.

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