Philip Schofield’s lawyer appears on list of Britain’s ten richest people

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The 2023 list of Britain’s richest people has seen a surprise late new entry today – Philip Schofields’s lawyer.

The Times, which compiles the list, said its researchers were surprised by the development as it is usually made up of major landowners and successful businessmen.

“It’s a mystery to us who a man who makes a living defending celebrities from scurrilous allegations could have become so wealthy,” said researcher Simon Williams.

“But there he is, between Paul McCartney and the Barclay Brothers. Clearly something has happened over the last couple of years which has made him an enormous amount of money, but we can’t imagine what.

“And just below him is Gordon the Gopher, who appears to have become immensely rich after a single colossal cheque was deposited in his account by an anonymous benefactor.”

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