Credulous simpletons to continue deluding themselves that Commons vote is about cake rather than lying to parliament

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Deluded fans of Boris Johnson across the country are up in arms about a Commons vote on the report into his lying to parliament, by pretending it’s about eating cake during lockdown.

As MPs discuss the report by the Privileges Committee, which recommended an unprecedented sanction for the former prime minister after it unanimously found that he lied to parliament, morons on the Internet are kidding themselves that it’s about something else.

Credulous simpleton, and fan of Boris, Simon Williams, told us, “How dare they try and banish Boris just for having a bit of cake, he paid his fine, and that should be the end of it!

“The rules were rubbish, so he shouldn’t have had to stick to them anyway! And Keir Stamer had a beer and a curry, how DARE he!”

Non-moron Derek Matthews told us, “*Sigh*. It’s nothing to do with cake. Yes, he broke the lockdown rules, but he got fined for it, and that part of the story is over.

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“THIS is about him lying about it to parliament about it. You know, the sovereign parliament so many of you spent half a decade insisting should be the supreme authority in this country. And Boris deliberately misled it.

“The moment you accept ministers lying to parliament is the moment you accept we no longer have a functioning democracy.

“But sure, you can pretend it’s about cake if it helps you sleep at night. The rest of us know it’s about a liar whose political career is over.”

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