Don’t worry, I’m still going to let Boris add all his mates to the House of Lords, explains Rishin Sunak

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Despite the Commons Privileges Committee finding Boris Johnson repeatedly lied to the house, such that an unprecedented sanction would have been imposed had he not already resigned as an MP, prime minister Rishi Sunak is still going to let him pack the Lords with his sycophantic buddies.

With widespread calls for Boris Resignation Honours List to be scrapped, given he is resigning in disgrace, Sunak has so far refused to call for the list to be cancelled, even though it puts someone like Michael Fabricant in the House of Lords.

When questioned, Sunak told reporters, “I know it looks bad, but I’m also conscious of the precedent it would set if outgoing Tory Prime Ministers had their honours list cancelled simply because they were found to have shown contempt for our democracy.

“It could essentially mean the end to all resignation honours for Tory prime ministers. Then where would we be?

“So no, it’s much better for everyone if I honour Boris’ list, and we keep this fine tradition of letting disgraced Tories give jobs for life to their loudest cheerleaders.

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“Remember, the next resignation honours list you’ll get to hear about will be Liz Truss’, because yes, she qualified to make people life-long peers despite only being in the job for a disastrous seven-week period – and yes, she has submitted some names. I can’t wait to see who it is!

“Democracy is wonderful, isn’t it?”