“We just got on with things during the great heatwave of ‘76”, insists man born in ‘86

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A man has today explained that during the heatwave of 1976, everyone just got on with things and didn’t panic like it was the end of the world, despite not being born for another ten years.

Simon Williams, 36, has been quick to tell any of his friends who mention concern about the current heatwave that they have nothing to fear because “we all had it worse in 1976”.

Williams went on, “I can’t believe this snowflake generation wants to down tools and go and hide in a dark room just because the country is about to experience the hottest temperatures of the year so far.

“Not like back in 76, when we all just went about our business as normal, with a stiff upper lip – no one was frightened by any of this ‘global warming’ nonsense back then, trust me.

“There was none of this ‘must stay inside’ or ‘can’t go to work’ or ‘this is an entirely predictable result of years and years of excessive fossil fuel use’. It’s ridiculous.

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“I went to Dubai on holiday last year, and it was 41 degrees on one of the days. I didn’t die. Sure, I had a guy come around and spray water mist on me every few minutes, and I spent most of my time in the pool, under an umbrella or in my air-conditioned hotel room, but the point remains. 30 degrees is nothing to worry about.”

Williams is expected to change his mind about the issues of extreme heat when forced to sleep in his third-floor south-facing London flat on Wednesday evening.