‘MORNING EVERYONE! TIME TO WAKE UP!’ scream nation’s friendly birds at 4:05 am

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Birds have decided it’s time to wake up today, at 4:05am, just because it’s getting a bit light outside. 

As everyone sleeps with the windows open at present due to it being so hot, Britain’s friendly birds have wasted no time SHOUTING HELLO to everyone from directly outside their window, just to help us wake up, at 4:05 am.

Local blue tit Simon Twilliams told us, “GET UP! GET UP! IT’S MORNING! EVERYONE WAKE UP!

“Us birds like to get up very early, as soon as it starts to get light, as we have no idea what time it is, because we don’t have watches. 

“Obviously as soon as we are awake, we like to have a good old sing-song with the lads, right outside your window, where we start eagerly chirping away as loudly as we can.

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“It’s just being friendly really, and making sure you get up for work, at four o’clock in the morning. 

“We could keep the noise down, I suppose, for an hour or two after it get’s light, and start our singing at say, six o’clock, or maybe even half past. 

“But where’s the fun in that? We want to WAKE THE WORLD at four, as soon as we wake up.”

Asked to comment on her local friendly birds, Hayley Rice told us, “I’m buying an air rifle soon. I’m telling you.”