Man uses quote he doesn’t understand from book he hasn’t read to make point he hasn’t thought through

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Some gonk is quoting 1984 at you again.

Simon Williams, 38, has never read 1984 but is using a quote from the book – which was a warning of government totalitarianism written by a democratic socialist – to back up his theory that an episode of a show he likes being removed from a single streaming service is basically fascism.

“And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed — if all records told the same tale — then the lie passed into history and became truth,” typed Williams, before sitting back and smiling as if he understood what that meant.

“Of course I’ve read it,” lied Williams.

“Basically, they ban everything, that’s the whole story, which occurs in the year 1984. And that’s what’s happening now. A streaming service removing a television show of its own volition with no direction from the government whatsoever is exactly the same as a ban by a totalitarian state actor.

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“Yeah, it is, don’t disagree with me, or I’ll go all Orwell on you again. I’ve got quotes for days. You hear me? DAYS!”

Simon’s wife commented, “He’s got quotes as long as Google doesn’t crash or we lose Internet access at home.

“In the time I’ve been married to Simon, he’s read half of Jeremy Clarkson’s autobiography and six issues of Auto Trader.

“Unless he’s been sneaking away to read 1984, then I’m pretty confident he’s just cherry-picking quotes that he feels might be relevant from the cleverest book he’s ever heard of.”

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