Jack Grealish genuinely considering going to bed soon

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Jack Grealish is almost… almost finished partying, and may well consider going to bed soon, it has been revealed this morning. 

With Manchester City completing their victory parade in Manchester last night, party animal Jack Grealish, who has been drinking and partying nonstop since the final whistle on Saturday, has finally decided it’s time for bed, in the next few hours, probably. 

A spokesperson for the club confirmed, “Yeah, he’s nearly done. Nearly.

“Obviously Jack likes a party, and he wanted to celebrate the victory with a few drinks and a dance with the fans, for THREE DAYS SOLID. 

“That’s why he decided not to go to bed AT ALL after the final whistle and essentially just drink copious amounts of booze and party with his kit on right through until to Monday.

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“Where he would eventually change out of his kit, but carry on drinking and partying with fans during the victory parade, and of course through the night, again. 

“He is, however, getting slightly tired now after 70 hours of drinking, so he may consider going to bed for a quick nap soon.

“However, he has just spotted that it’s 2 for 1 on cocktails from midday at one bar in Manchester today, so maybe just a few more hours.”

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