“Don’t ask me about my business” Nicola Sturgeon tells Diane Keaton before meeting several capos

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Nicola Sturgeon furiously warned Diane Keaton not to ask about her business, after Diane Keaton asked about Sturgeon’s involvement in any crimes.

“Don’t ask about my business, don’t ever ask me about my business,” shouted Sturgeon, slamming her palm onto the desk of her wood-panelled office.

After a few moments, Sturgeon relents.

“Alright, this one time, I’ll let you ask about my affairs. Just this once,” she says.

Diane Keaton asks her if she has had involvement in any crimes.

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There is a very long pause before Sturgeon, calmer now, says, “No.”

Diane Keaton is relieved, but as she leaves the room, she turns and sees Sturgeon, leaning casually against her desk, as Clemenza, Neri, and Rocco all come into her office and greet her with deference and respect.

As Neri closes the door on Diane Keaton, she knows that Nicola Sturgeon has just lied to her, and she understands what the former SNP leader has become.

The telling exchange happened only days after bystanders at Bamboo Lounge reported hearing Sturgeon screaming, “Funny how, what the f**k is so f**king funny about me” during a tense few moments with some of her co-workers.

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