Wise Internet sage transitions seamlessly from expertise in epidemiology and Russian geopolitics to climatology

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A man who confidently told you Covid was a hoax and that it’s the West’s fault that Russia invaded Ukraine, has today told you that the upcoming heatwave is nothing to worry about.

35-year-old Simon Williams has wasted no time in explaining to anyone who’ll listen, and interrupting the conversations of those who won’t, the reasons why a bit of warm weather is nothing to worry about.

He explained, “As I’ve been telling everyone since I read about it yesterday, meteorologically speaking, this warm spell is nothing to worry about in the very long-term history of our country. In the medieval warm period, it was generally warmer than now, but you don’t see records of our medieval ancestors bitching about the lack of air-conditioning, do you?

“And no, I don’t have any Tweets on the subject of the Medieval Warming Period before yesterday, but that doesn’t mean I can’t position myself as an expert on the matter who is able to speak with authority on this heatwave.

“It’s much like how I often lecture people on things like PCR test cycles, and ACE inhibitors despite having no medical qualifications, having conducted no medical research, and having no work experience in the field.  And how I can confidently blame NATO overreach for Putin’s ongoing liberation of Ukraine; I can do this simply because I read a couple of articles about these subjects in the last year.

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“I actually think one of my many strengths is my ability to absorb a tiny amount of information about a very large subject, and then feel confident enough to lecture people about it, in public.

“Dunning Kruger? Never heard of it mate, but if you come back tomorrow, I will confidently explain to you what it is, why your position on it is incorrect, and why I’ve always said that.”

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