Hay fever sufferer completely cured after being told to ‘try an antihistamine tablet’

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A hay fever sufferer has been completely cured today after it was suggested that he try an antihistamine tablet in order to help with his symptoms.

Simon Williams, who hasn’t been able to see properly for almost three full days, was given the groundbreaking advice earlier whilst trying to control a sneezing fit when opening a new packet of tissues.

“I can’t believe it,” he exclaimed. “I’d never even considered taking a hay fever tablet for it. I’m cured!

“I’ve suffered from hay fever for almost fifteen years now, and sometimes it gets really bad, obviously when the pollen levels are particularly high, like today.

“Then my workmate Tony came up with some really amazing advice while I was trying to stop my eyes from streaming and sneezing like a bastard.

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“‘You look like shit mate’ he told me. ‘Is that hay fever? Have you tried an antihistamine tablet for it?’.

“I knew that hay fever tablets existed, obviously, but it had never even dawned on me to try one, and see if it could help me at all at any point during my fifteen years of relentless seasonal suffering.

“Anyway, it’s a miracle. I’m completely and utterly cured, with no more symptoms whatsoever, I just can’t believe it. He’s a legend.”

Asked if he will continue to take the tablets on a daily basis, to keep his symptoms at bay, he told us, “Every day? Nah can’t be arsed with that.”