Man City achieve fairytale ending to their story of a rag-tag bunch of multi-millionaires backed by a multi-billionaire and with nothing in their pockets except over 100 financial irregularities

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Man City have won the Champions League, bringing a fairytale ending to their story of immense wealth and a complete disregard for the rules of fair play.

After beating Inter Milan 1-0 in the Champions League final, City are now just the second English club to complete the domestic and European treble, bringing a fitting end to the sport’s biggest fairytale season.

Football fan Simon Williams told us, “Man City have inspired a nation of football fans by showing what can be achieved when you accept obscene amounts of money from a sketchy nation, and ignore of all the rules about how you can spend that money.

“It IS a proper fairytale, in the most traditional sense, just with a few tweaks. For example, can you imagine if, instead of hay, wood and bricks, the three pigs just built a massive palace out of solid gold where they could all live while spending their immense wealth on anything they wanted? A much happier ending.

“Or if instead of searching high and low for the princess who fits the glass slipper, Prince Charming just goes ahead and buys all the women in the kingdom and makes them sit around on fat contracts to prevent them from marrying someone else. The Prince would be MUCH happier.

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“I would imagine Hollywood is crying out to acquire the rights to this fairytale story to make a blockbuster movie. I guess it will be like Moneyball, except instead of using analytics to find undervalued players not wanted by anyone else, they just sit down in the first five minutes and buy all the best players in the world and sign a special ‘sponsorship’ deal for the owner’s dog to wear an airline’s logo for £200m.

“It’ll be the best 15-minute film of all time.”

Meanwhile, football fans around the world have found themselves manually adding an asterisk whenever they find someone writing about Man City’s achievements this season.

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