Champions League trophy engraver spotted practising the asterisk symbol

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The engraver for the Champions League trophy has been spotted today practising his asterisk symbol on other trophies, just in case he needs it this evening.

With Inter Milan taking on Manchester City in tonight’s Champions League, engravers of the trophy have had the unusual task of learning a brand new symbol to carve upon the trophy should they need to do so. 

Chief engraver Simon Williams told us, “I’ve never had to do this before.

“I have been practising my engraving for after the final whistle so I can carve the name of the legitimate and worthy winner on the side of the trophy. 

“But for some reason, I have also been asked to practise carving an asterisk, just in case I need to add that next to the name at short notice, depending on who wins. 

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“It’s a bit of a strange request really, as I usually just put the name of the winner on the trophy, and the year, so it’s clear who won it any given year – and it normally requires no asterisk to signify anything. 

“I’m not really sure why I would need to learn to carve an asterisk, to be honest, as I don’t really know about football, but hey, it’s what they asked for, so I’m making sure I can do it.”

Asked who he thinks will be the European Champions, he told us, “Manchester City*.”

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